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Tis the Season

I was walking through Target, Old Navy, and later the mall yesterday, doing some shopping with my parents for the upcoming event of the year that is called Christmas.  I know I have one husband and five kids but yesterday I felt the weight of one husband and five kids.  I really felt the heavy task of shopping for the family and trying to gain a grasp on what the kids need and try to satisfy some wants.  I have already told the kids that after spending so much on sports and other activities that they are involved in that Christmas is going to be simple.  I have really good kids and they didn't put up a fuss.  But as the holiday gets closer I am feeling the need and want to make it great with surprises and cringe with the daunting task of making sure everyone has the equal amount of gifts and then I wonder, "is it enough?"   I have had a few conversations with fellow moms and find it interesting that they feel that they need to get everything on their kids wish lists.  It

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