Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Healthy Food

Is it safe to say that we all like to eat. But do we all like to eat healthy? I love to eat a good meal and feel so much better when it is homemade and contains something from each food group. Here is a blog that encourages healthy eating and focuses on people with Fibromyalgia. Click here to view blog.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Those of you who know Arianne, know that she is an amazing mother. She would deny this statement, because she is humble. Her blog called Still Parenting(click here), has wonderful wisdom. Arianne has put her writing skills to good use by blogging for others to read. Reading her posts is like reading poetry. I also LOVE the photos that she takes, each picture speaks volumes. Go on over and check out her adventures and wisdom as a wife and mother.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I have know Cortney since my newly married years back in the 90's. Yes, I am getting old. Cortney and I have been able to trade talents through out the years. She paints portraits of my kids and I make her quilts for her kids. I think I get the better end of the deal. You can find her website here. I also have her temple prints at my house for sale and I can sale them for cheaper than the website.


Kelli is another with a great blog on home, food, sewing, and decorating. Pretty Lil' Posies is the name of her blog, you will have to check it out. She hasn't posted for a while but you can catch up on past postings.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Ally Braithwaite Condie has been one my friends since high school. I Love Her. She is now a famous author, and I can say that I know her. I made the watch for her last year when her book Matched was published. The picture of us is at The King's English in SLC at her launch party. My family was going to Salt Lake for a baptism and I stopped in and surprised her. It was so much fun. I saw many old friends and my daughter's were able to meet Ally. Now the sequel to the book CROSSED is coming out November 1. You can pre-order it here. I was privileged enough to read CROSSED, a few months ago and loved it. It was entertaining and well written.


Chandra and her twin sister Collette have a business making crochet hats and hair accessories called Collective Creations. The hat that you see in my profile picture is one made by them. I love their style and wish I could buy all of it. They have an etsy shop, which makes buying easy.


My friend and neighbor Sundi has a blog The Life of A Cheap Chickadee. It is full of great ideas for cheap (hence the name). Anyone who knows Sundi, knows she has class and an eye for great style. She is one that puts ideas into action.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A New Blog

Hello all,
I am starting this blog to network those with talents and share some of my everyday living. I am the Relief Society President in my ward; (I belong to the Church Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) this does not mean that I am perfect. I want to share some of my thoughts and I have many sisters in my ward with talents and businesses. I am using this as an unofficial site for my sisters (not just in my ward) to share. Some don't know that I am sharing their talents. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love helping out friends with selling and showing off their stuff. I love viewing blogs and getting ideas, but the ideas always seem to stay ideas for me. I have a hard time putting them into play with my schedule. When I get a free moment I rather read a book or watch something on netflix than pull out the sewing machine or paints, because this just creates a mess---- and I just got done cleaning up messes. I will be highlighting my old friends meaning we have been friends a long time and we are still sisters in Relief Society. Most all of my friends I have been in Relief Society with at one time or another. At the side are links to the fabulous talent's that I have the pleasure of being acquainted with.