Monday, August 27, 2012

What Is Your Last Line?

Have you ever linked up to and watched the clips on different people? Every Sunday my kids and I love to go to this site and see if there are any new clips of people that we can watch. The clips go through a persons life experiences and life lessons that they have learned. The last line that the person says is a quick summary of their identity and then they say, "I'm a Mormon." If the production crew came to your house and filmed you in your everyday life, what would they see? Where would you take them? How would you sum up your life into one sentence?

Monday, August 20, 2012


I follow this blog called A Lemon Squeezy Home.  I don't even know this person but I love her blog and style.  Her husband is in a band called Kindle Creek and they have a new music video called Jump.  It is a fun song and it reminded me of the photos that I took with my siblings this past summer.  We are going to have to photo shop to get one just perfect... in the mean time here are some of the results.  This is really for those who know us and our personalities. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Mom of Five

I loved these pictures so much that I had to share. Of course, I love the mom and the kids in the picture and so that helps make the photo even more wonderful. These pictures were taken by Sharina, you can see more of her work here.
There is something to be said about a woman who dedicates her life to raising children.   Raising children is God's Work.  Sometimes it is hard to keep this perspective when we are knee deep in messes and noise.  Some days I find myself wanting to hide in my closet and read a book to escape the demands that children bring.  I am guilty of doing this.  Bedtime is often my favorite time of day.  My kids are getting older and time is speeding by.  I look into their faces and realize time is what I have and it is running out.  Pretty soon they are not going to be running up to me to tell me about the big bug they found in the garden or come find me because they need a bandage for a skinned knee.
I can only pray that I will be able to focus more on them in these next few years and bask in their innocence and  love.