Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Lovely Leilani

The original reason for this post is laundry soap. But I will get to that in a minute. I want you to meet the fun-loving Leilani. I just love this girl. Her husband thinks that she is soo good-looking. I would have to agree. Leilani started her own blog/business a while ago(click here). She is now a busy mom of four and has great ideas for the home and family. I wanted you to see her pin boards, especially the Laundry Board. I have tried the recipe she found for laundry soap and it works great. I am now trying the laundry bag for kids socks. Great idea! For those who are in the ward we will be making this laundry soap for our RS night in April. Can't wait!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


My long time friend Jenny wrote a post on her blog about running and how she really doesn't like it. I have had many people tell me that they don't like running. Some days I agree with them. I have a love-hate relationship with running. I love running because I feel so good when I am done. I love the feel of running shoes on my feet, and the way my legs look after a few weeks of conditioning. I love the feeling of my legs rotating through and the brief second that I am flying. I love the smell of the track when the sun hits it and especially after a snow storm. I love the sound of dripping water when the snow is melting off the black rubber creating little puddles. I hate getting out of bed in the mornings to go running. I hate the way my lungs and throat burn after not running for a few months. I hate paying so much money for running shoes. I hate running on main street when people can see me(especially if I am one of the last ones).

I started running in the 5th grade. My teacher Mrs. Dial had a wonderful PE schedule for us, we would do aerobics on some days and running on the other days. I really didn't do much running other than in PE after Mrs. Dial's class. Once I was in High School and trying to find myself, I toyed with the idea of trying out for softball. But my best friend Lori was going out for Track. Well, I decided to start running with her and then I met a girl named Trisha at Practice. Trisha is very persuasive and kept me going to practice and running(Trisha became my SIL). My Coach saw something in me or he was just desperate for runners back then, but Coach Corry cheered for me and ran along side me in practice. To make a long story short, I was hooked. Running on the college team helped pay my way through college. Since then I have helped coach two different high school teams and tried running between having babies.
Running hurts and it takes awhile before it doesn't anymore. But if you can get to that point of it not hurting, your body will tell you to go out and run because you will feel so much better. For those who have wanted to run and not known how to start, here you go:
Day 1: Walk for 1 minute run for 1 minute, do this for 10 minutes. That is all 10 minutes.
Day2: Walk for 2 minutes, run for 1 minute, do this for 10 minutes
Day 3: Walk for 10 minutes, run for 2 minutes
Day 4: Walk for 10 minutes run for 5 minutes
Day 5: Walk and run on what you feel
Really, it is what you feel. If it hurts don't give up just slow it down a little. Just put your training shoes on and go for a walk to the mailbox, but take the long way around. Let the air clear your mind and soul.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Here is a book that might interest all of you. If you have perfect children and you are the perfect parent, then you can ignore this post. This book really gets to the root of why children 'need' so many 'things' to be happy. Why is our country in so much debt? Do we feel entitled to that new car, new furniture, and big house? We work hard-- don't we deserve toys? All of us have a desire to reward our children for good behavior, chores, good grades, or because we like them so much. Where do we draw the line at paying kids for chores? Shouldn't chores be done to better the house and family.
I dare say that our children have more than we could ever dreamed of as a kid. Growing up I loved clothes(I still do). During these growing years, I never had many clothes to spare. I was the oldest, therefore, I didn't benefit from hand-me-downs. I remember standing in front of my closet and wishing for more options(I still do this too). OK, my point is that my humble circumstances made me a better person. BUT my kids have more clothes than they know what to do with. Yes, I am compensating for lack of in my younger years. I found a way to give them more options by shopping post season sales and saving the clothes for the following year.
The funny thing is---my girls don't really care what they wear. I go down to their rooms and the clothes are scattered all over their rooms. They don't feel any ownership over these clothes.
Do our kids feel ownership for any of their 'stuff'?
This book is really good at helping you decide what we could do as parents to help our children feel responsible for their choices. Is it Mom's fault if they forget their homework or backpack. One morning after getting the kids on the bus I came home and found that my daughter forgot her homework. So, I rushed it out to the school and beat the bus there. Nice mom, Right??? Well, later I realized that I didn't teach her a thing. How is she going to learn to remember these things, if mom is going to bail her out? Are we guilty of stepping into conflicts to save our children from feeling bad about a decision they have made. Believe me I feel for my kids and would love to put a bubble around them, but if I want them to succeed as adults, I can't do this. I want my children to contribute to society. Learn that if the job is done without pay, just as well. It is what I once heard as a 'invisible reward.' You can purchase the book here.