Thursday, April 26, 2012


How much control do we have as parents?  Sometimes I feel like I have no control.  I do try and control more than I should.  In reference to my previous post I did some research on network safety.  I have found a new site/blog called Online Mom.  It is a great site to help parents with technical questions about internet and other electronic devices such as cell phones.  It also gives good advice on internet safety and compares cell phone plans that have parental controls.   Take a look.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

They Look at WHAT?

Driving away from a community activity, I had this conversation with my 14 year old son:
Son:"I just saw ___ and ___. Yeah, they look at Pornography."
Me (trying to stifle the real emotion):"WHAT?"
Son: "Yeah, there is a girl who texts them pictures. But mostly they just look at girls in their bikini's on their phones, that's not porn."
Me: "Uh, yes, it is porn."
Son: "So, I can't go to the beach or swimming pool and look at girls in their bikini's?"
Me:"Yes, you can still go to the beach, but if you are looking at girls who are hardly wearing anything and getting some kind of satisfaction out of it, then there is a problem."

My son and I have an open relationship, we have had many talks about life's topics. But I had just brought this issue up with my kids a week prior and did a role play with them. I wanted to know what they will or would do if a naughty image came up on the computer, while they were sitting in the computer lab at school. We had discussed it for a little bit and I felt better as a parent that they did have some ideas on what to do.

Pornography is a PROBLEM. Some would not consider what we see everyday in magazines, movies, FB, and other social networks porn. I am ready to shut down my pinterest account because of the body images that are popping up and also I received an email from pin and didn't know who it was from. I was a little naive and opened it because I thought I could trust it from pinterest. Well I was shocked at the 'porn' I saw.
I call it (or have heard it called) 'soft porn'. This soft porn that is making its way into our homes and minds is a slow ascend to the hard core porn. Over the past few weeks I have heard of different instances of people being addicted to Porn. One instance started with an image through a text in middle school. How the others started I am not sure, but the end result is the same. Despair and anger for the loved ones. Those who look at these images and have the addiction really do not think they have a problem. I don't claim to be an expert on this topic, so I am linking you to this article The Battle Against Pornography. It is from the LDS Living site. Also, there is another site on what you can do and how to recognize the signs of addictions. It is here.

We can not delay in talking to our children about these topics. If you look at the statistics, Porn sites are more popular then Google and yahoo. To put it into perspective, every time you use Google someone else is already logged onto a porn site. Here is a link to a family home evening site that has it all outlined for you. Once you click the link, click FHE Lessons and then scroll down to pornography, and it gives two lessons, each that are age appropriate for your kids.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

You Are Enough!

I know a lot of you saw the post on the Power of Mom's site last week. I had just joined this site and found the link via FB. I had just been talking to some of my friends about this very thing and was going to blog about it. And there it was, someone had beat me to the punch. That is ok, because the Power of Mom's reaches more women than my blog. This one post received over 700 comments and one million views. It received so much attention that now you can see a Studio 5 clip on it as well. I only hope to reach the women in my Relief Society and a maybe a few others who stumble onto my blog.
At the beginning of the year I wanted to encourage the sisters to gain a house of order and a house of God. I still want this. But now more than ever I want my sisters to know they are enough. Let's not compare ourselves to other women's strength's. As President Uchtdorf said in his last General Conference talk, 'Stop IT.' Let's Stop beating ourselves up for what we are lacking and start feeling good about what we are and what we can become as daughters of god. I had to post this photo of Teri and her baby. It is just perfect.


I posted about this book here. I have read The Entitlement Trap from cover to cover now, and if you have not read it yet, YOU HAVE TO. It has wonderful insights on family finances, and gives great ideas on how to help children make good choices. Not just choices about money. Many kids make bad choices because they have been sideswiped with a situation that they have not been prepared for. Such as cheating, smoking, pornography, premarital sex, etc. This book gives some fun ideas on how we can prepare our children for that big scary world out there and how we can unify as a family.
The Eyre's have a website that you can join here. Or follow their blog here. They have wonderful insights and share experiences of parenting. If you have 7 minutes watch this clip of Richard and Linda from a piece they did with Studio Five. Don't tell my sisters and sister in laws, but this is what they are getting for their birthday's or Christmas this year. Whatever comes first. ;) I want everyone to read this book and gain what I did. It is a little overwhelming to think about all the ideas that we can do as a family, but we can start implenting one thing at a time.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Sharina asked me to post this:

Beginning Essential Oil Class
Thursday, April 12
at 7:00 p.m.
Cassie Tiede's Home
340 West 1425 North #98
Cedar City, Utah 84720
I'm really excited about this presentation! If you have heard about the many beneficial uses of essential oils and want to learn more this class will be very helpful and worth your precious time. We could easily spend 3 days discussing these oils, but this condensed class is a great way to increase your understanding and answer your basic questions. Many hours and hundreds of dollars have been spent learning about essential oils and this class is a great way to share some knowledge with you. Some of the questions we will be answering in this class include:
How essential oils have been used in the past?
What are therapeutic grade essential oils?
How do I know where to buy oils?
What precautions do I need to use with essential oils?
Why do essential oils work?
How can I use essential oils?
Are single essential oils or blends better?
Whare are some favorite essential oils for each body system?
What are common suggestions and practical uses of different essential oils?
When can essential oils be used?
The cost to take the class is $10 which needs to be paid in advance. You can pay Sharina Adams (516 West 2075 North Cedar City, Utah 84721) or Cassie Tiede (340 West 1425 North #98 Cedar City, Utah 84720). Plan on the class lasting about an hour and a half with time for questions at the end... We want to empower you... and help you feel confident... in the use of these precious oils...!
Hope to see you there!
P.S. This is not a class to sell oils (although they will be available). It is meant to help you be informed so you can make good decisions and choices about what oils will be of most benefit to you in your individual circumstances.

I have to say that I have started using oils that Janice has introduced me to. I am a fan.