Sunday, April 15, 2012

You Are Enough!

I know a lot of you saw the post on the Power of Mom's site last week. I had just joined this site and found the link via FB. I had just been talking to some of my friends about this very thing and was going to blog about it. And there it was, someone had beat me to the punch. That is ok, because the Power of Mom's reaches more women than my blog. This one post received over 700 comments and one million views. It received so much attention that now you can see a Studio 5 clip on it as well. I only hope to reach the women in my Relief Society and a maybe a few others who stumble onto my blog.
At the beginning of the year I wanted to encourage the sisters to gain a house of order and a house of God. I still want this. But now more than ever I want my sisters to know they are enough. Let's not compare ourselves to other women's strength's. As President Uchtdorf said in his last General Conference talk, 'Stop IT.' Let's Stop beating ourselves up for what we are lacking and start feeling good about what we are and what we can become as daughters of god. I had to post this photo of Teri and her baby. It is just perfect.

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  1. Mariam! Glad you found my blog and I'm glad to see your wonderful blog dedicated to helping other women! I love too - it's so empowering to bond with other moms. I wish you the best in training your kids to work :). Boyack's book really is awesome. Have a great weekend!