Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nancy Naomi Alexander Tracy

I opened up my March Ensign a month ago and found my fourth great-grandmother. I wasn't exactly sure it was her, so I ran to my family history book. I found the same name but still not sure it was her, because the pictures were a little different.
I called my mom and told her what I found, she had me explain what the photo looked like. She then verified that it was the same woman. She then proceeded to tell me that she has the broach that Nancy is wearing in the picture. I couldn't believe it. This encouraged me to read Nancy's autobiography. I was reminded that my ancestors played a big part in Church History. They knew Joseph Smith and had a testimony of the living prophet. Nancy's life was a living example that Christ is our Savior and we have a Heavenly Father that loves us. She had witnessed God's miracles among the hardships and trails that the pioneers endured.
I didn't know that Nancy was part of the first Relief Society meeting. My heart swelled. I continued to read that her daughter Eliza was the Relief Society President in Huntsville Utah for 30 years. 30 YEARS... (please don't let the Bishop read this;)). I found all of this family history exciting and it increased my testimony of God's plan here on earth. How are we living our lives? Will we be happy to share our autobiographies with our future grand-daughters and great-grand-daughters? Some days I am really not proud of the way I conduct my life. But for the most part I think I am trying and doing the best I can. This is all I can do--Do the best I can. Just remember we are writing history.


  1. I'm proud of you recognizing who she was. I don't think... I know I wouldn't have!!

  2. Yay for great journalists, like you.

  3. I was just as exited as you to find out that like you she is my grandmother's grandmother. I only go back three generations to her. I have read her journal with the except for her descendants and have kept that with me as well. It has helped keep my testimony strong knowing what she went through just for me! I am a decendant through her son austin walter tracy , would be curious to know which line you are through.

    1. Hello, I was happy to see your comment on our ancestor. I am actually related to her twice. First through her son Eli. Then my great grandparents were second cousins. Don't know how to explain it all without it coming up confusing. I am curious how you found my blog post on this?? I logged on to your blogs and sorry to hear of the trials you are going through at the moment. Please email me at

  4. Hi Mariam! This is an older post, but I found it while researching Nancy Naomi. I come through the line of Silas Tracy (Nancy's second husband) and his first wife Almira Beebe. Would you be willing to send me a copy of Nancy Naomi's autobiography?

  5. I know you wrote this over a year ago, but Nancy Naomi is also my 4th great grandmother through her son Helon Henry Tracy. I am still new at genealogy, but I started a blog to keep record of my journey. Your blog is great and I love how we can find distant relatives and learn more about our ancestry. Where can I also get a copy of Nancy's autobiography? You can check out my Genealogy Blog at Thanks for the post!

  6. Hi just found out yesterday that Nancy is my 4th great grandma. If any of you have info that you could email me about her i would appreciate it. I am related to her through her son Helon Henry Tracy also my email is