Sunday, March 11, 2012


The Relief Society Birthday is coming up(March 17th) and I wanted a reminder of how it all started for the latter-day saint women. I made this movie last year for our Relief Society Birthday Party. I copied it from one we saw on YouTube. I like to make things my own and there were scenes from the Emma movie that I wanted in it that the other YouTube version didn't have. Like the organizing of the Relief Society. I learned two weeks ago that my fourth Great-Grandmother was present for the first Relief Society meeting. I will write more on that in my next post. I am really excited to share that with you.
The song is called Emma by Mindy Gledhill and Dan Truman. It is found on the Joseph-A Nashville Tribute To The Prophet Album. You can buy it through iTunes. The Movie is called Emma Smith; My Story. You can find it here at Deseret Book.


  1. I LOVE that song! It makes me realize how easy my life is compared to what so many others go through.

  2. MARIAM! I should scold you for putting that on here. I didn't need to cry today.