Sunday, April 15, 2012


I posted about this book here. I have read The Entitlement Trap from cover to cover now, and if you have not read it yet, YOU HAVE TO. It has wonderful insights on family finances, and gives great ideas on how to help children make good choices. Not just choices about money. Many kids make bad choices because they have been sideswiped with a situation that they have not been prepared for. Such as cheating, smoking, pornography, premarital sex, etc. This book gives some fun ideas on how we can prepare our children for that big scary world out there and how we can unify as a family.
The Eyre's have a website that you can join here. Or follow their blog here. They have wonderful insights and share experiences of parenting. If you have 7 minutes watch this clip of Richard and Linda from a piece they did with Studio Five. Don't tell my sisters and sister in laws, but this is what they are getting for their birthday's or Christmas this year. Whatever comes first. ;) I want everyone to read this book and gain what I did. It is a little overwhelming to think about all the ideas that we can do as a family, but we can start implenting one thing at a time.

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