Monday, April 2, 2012


Sharina asked me to post this:

Beginning Essential Oil Class
Thursday, April 12
at 7:00 p.m.
Cassie Tiede's Home
340 West 1425 North #98
Cedar City, Utah 84720
I'm really excited about this presentation! If you have heard about the many beneficial uses of essential oils and want to learn more this class will be very helpful and worth your precious time. We could easily spend 3 days discussing these oils, but this condensed class is a great way to increase your understanding and answer your basic questions. Many hours and hundreds of dollars have been spent learning about essential oils and this class is a great way to share some knowledge with you. Some of the questions we will be answering in this class include:
How essential oils have been used in the past?
What are therapeutic grade essential oils?
How do I know where to buy oils?
What precautions do I need to use with essential oils?
Why do essential oils work?
How can I use essential oils?
Are single essential oils or blends better?
Whare are some favorite essential oils for each body system?
What are common suggestions and practical uses of different essential oils?
When can essential oils be used?
The cost to take the class is $10 which needs to be paid in advance. You can pay Sharina Adams (516 West 2075 North Cedar City, Utah 84721) or Cassie Tiede (340 West 1425 North #98 Cedar City, Utah 84720). Plan on the class lasting about an hour and a half with time for questions at the end... We want to empower you... and help you feel confident... in the use of these precious oils...!
Hope to see you there!
P.S. This is not a class to sell oils (although they will be available). It is meant to help you be informed so you can make good decisions and choices about what oils will be of most benefit to you in your individual circumstances.

I have to say that I have started using oils that Janice has introduced me to. I am a fan.

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