Monday, July 9, 2012

Book by Sandy

Book Description:
Cody Livingston has been in love with Lisa Ridge since the moment she stepped into his life. Now three years later, Lisa's past threatens to keep the happy couple apart when she is kidnapped while on a business trip.

Lisa's past has always been in the back of her mind during the three years since she was placed in the witness protection program and sent to live in Utah. A native of New York she finds herself in a strange place, but soon finds the love of her life in Cody.

When Lisa returns to New York to defend against the latest appeal filed by the man convicted of killing her younger brother, she is taken captive. She is told the man in jail for her brother's murder is innocent. With her help the two go on a journey when Lisa agrees to search for the murderer, even if that means it clears the name of the man she has believed for so long to be responsible.

How this book came to be:
I started writing "Fighting For Love" in late 2005. I added to the storyline as often as I could. My son, JD, was only a few months old when I started writing this story. In the summer of 2006 I had submitted some sample chapters to Rachel Ann Nunes (pronounced noon-esh) website. She had an aspiring author section. In September 2006 I received an email from Rachel, stating that she was happy to post my sample chapters. I had a few people email me to tell me they enjoyed what they read.

The email got me into gear to finish the overall storyline. Then began the editing process. I let a few sisters in the ward read it and if they wanted to, they made comments in the margins. One sister was a bit worried that she would offend me with her comments. I told her that if I couldn't handle criticism from a friend, I would never be able to handle it from an editor. I also asked my sister to be the editor.

Working around busy schedules and life changes, it took 4 years to edit and revise "Fighting For Love". In the meantime, I began many other projects that I'm still working on! In July of 2011, after the final edits were in, I decided the best route to go would be to publish through Amazon and Barnes& Noble. Both avenues were free to publish as an ebook, and with my limited funds, it was the best fit for me! I had sent out my manuscript to a few publishing companies, but I either didn't hear back or I received their well worded apologies in not accepting my work.

On August 7th, I received from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, emails stating that "Fighting For Love" was ready to be purchased through each of their sites, respectfully. I decided to make the grand announcement on the 8th of August, 2011. Making for a great birthday present to myself!

As of today, "Fighting For Love" is only available on Amazon for Kindle readers as well as paperback! If you would like to read more samples of my work you can go to


About the Author:
Sandy H. Steele was born in Vernal, Utah the youngest of four children. At the age of five her family moved from Vernal to Tracy, California where she was raised. Graduating from West High she began college at Brigham Young University - Idaho.
She attended one full year before marrying. The couple lived in Rexburg, Idaho until 2004 and returned to Tracy, California. Shortly after the couple moved to St. George, Utah and had a son, who is now almost seven, before moving to Cedar City, Utah.
Sandy is now a single mother and has returned to school to finish a degree in English at Southern Utah University. She is an active part of the LDS church. She currently is working on many writing projects in between raising a son and going to school.

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