Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Red Day! OR Happy Valentines Day!  This year seems to be a big Valentines Year.  Or is it getting bigger each year?  Time seems to be speeding up and the holidays seem to be getting more prominent.  Anyone agree?  Growing up Valentines Day didn't seem as big.
I remember my mom making my dad a German chocolate cake(from scratch) and sticking a red heart stick in the middle that said, Happy Valentines Day!  I remember the valentine boxes at school and putting in extra thought as to who in my class would get the 'special' valentines.  Making sure that the boys didn't get the one's that said I love you on the card.  I didn't want to give them the wrong idea.  However, there was a boy in fourth grade who left a heart shaped box of chocolates on my doorstep.  Then my brother ate them.  I was so MAD. As kids we would somehow always be surprised when the Valentines would come in the mail from my Great-Grandmother.  Never just a card, it would have a five dollar bill in it as well.  Great-Grandma was so generous.  Back in those days $5 was big.  In high school there was a boy who decorated my locker for Red Day.  I married that boy.
Nowadays, five dollars is still a big deal to my kids and my mom has carried on the tradition of valentines with five dollars in it.  But, instead of little valentines with white envelopes for school, there is the good candy(snickers, m&m's), toys, or robots made out of juice boxes and candy(surely found on pinterest).  What happened to shoe boxes with red, pink, or white paper with a few cut out hearts glued to the top? Now I hear about dogs, robots, and other shapes(surely found on pinterest) that kids(mom's)make to collect their school valentines in.  Pinterest has changed the world.

On a different note, I have always loved the color RED.  My favorite flower is a red rose and my house seems to be getting more and more red decor.  I love red sweaters at Christmas and red shoes.  Here are some more red things that I like:

This Album has a great message for women.

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The Matched Trilogy gives a great analogy on the color Red.
(c) Brook Andreoli
I love our nations flag and the fourth of July.
This is my favorite picture that I took last year. I also love the girl in it.

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  1. What a great picture of a sweet girl. Happy Red Day, I'm glad I got to see the day after.