Monday, November 14, 2011


I took this picture two years ago of my cousins. I grew up with these sisters. I would go and spend a week or two with them during the summer or they would come and spend time with me and my siblings. I remember sleep overs, playing house, playing office, and card games. We pretty much got along like siblings too. I tended to be pretty bossy, because I was the oldest of five. Well, I tried to take control when I was with them too. Needless to say, that didn't always go over so well. So we had our squabbles along with the play.
I love these girls. Now that we are all mothers, I feel like we are partners in crime, as the saying goes. But really we are partners in something bigger. Something that many don't understand, and that is motherhood. I only wish we all lived closer. It is so much fun when we all get together and compare stories and ideas. I will post more on this in the future with a pic of my own sisters.

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