Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Has anyone already broken their new year's resolutions? Some goals I didn't make because I knew, I wouldn't be able to keep them for long. But, I am actually doing pretty good with some others. We have set a time in the mornings where everyone meets on the couch for scripture study. 7:20 am. Why didn't we think of this sooner? Instead of running around and then seeing if there is time to read scriptures, we now have a set time to do it and be ready. This has really felt good to do. As we are reading I have random thoughts about how this is helping with the children's reading skills and comprehension. As they stumble over the hard words and tell me about what they have just read. We are showing obedience by practicing family scripture study and will be blessed for doing it.

Another goal I want to do well on is date night. I really need to focus on my marriage and my relationship with my husband. The past two years as Relief Society President has been bittersweet. I have loved getting to know the sisters and serving in this leadership position in my ward (church). I like working with the priesthood and my presidency and discussing what the sisters need and what we can do to make their lives better and happy. I like that sisters can come to me and talk and discuss things that are on their minds. I often think that if I serve and magnify my calling that other things should just come easy, like family relationships. Well, some things do come a little easier but we still have to work at others. Darn it!
Don't we look like the most perfect couple. Well, the truth is that we have our differences and you would think that being married for almost 17 years we would have some things worked out. But this is not the case. I heard somewhere that most marriages deal with the same trials and hardships. The ones that last are the couples that are committed to the relationship and willing to work at it.

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  1. Darn those needy husbands! ;) I'm convinced that you ARE the perfect couple. Why? Because you are willing to admit that you aren't ;) I just love you guys.