Monday, January 23, 2012


This is Stephanie, but her friends and family call her Steph. She was my first neighbor after moving into Old Farm. She came bearing pumpkin chocolate chip cookies when we moved in, which was nice. But even nicer, because she was in the middle of a move herself. Steph is going to kill me for this post, but I wanted you all to know how savvy she is with baking, saving money, and other crafty skills. Here are the links to her pin boards. This will help you get to know her style and likes.


  1. How sweeeeeeet! I could go on and on about that wonderful gal!

  2. I've gotten to know Steph through Sundi and I have to say....she *is* really awesome. I've always enjoyed being around her. She's easy to chat with and she's just fun. You can see it right there in her smile. :)